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philips OneSpace luminous ceiling

       Luminous textile integrates multi-colored LEDs seamlessly within

              beautiful fabric panels that also soften sound. A concept that gives you

               endless ways to play with color, movement, texture and light. So you

              can express emotions, make a design statement and bring spaces alive.


                    Create magical effects - attract attention
Entertaining subjective time perception
dynamic and customizable content makes the shopping experience more fun
Increase time spend in the shop / fitting room – stimulate buying
Set scene – support seasons
Personalize fitting room
Guide people to the next shop floor / regulate crowds

                 OneSpace luminous ceiling


                  OneSpace luminous ceiling is a made-to-measure panel that liberates designers and architects from the constraints of conventional ceiling design so they are free to pursue uncluttered minimalistic visions and transform any interior into one cohesive space with beautiful homogeneous light.         


                  Liberating design possibilities
Easy to install (flexible design element) 
Enhances room acoustics
Superior homogeneous light; show products in their true light. High quality, uniform and color consistent light
No glare, no reflections, no shadows
Increase time spent in the shop, people feel at ease         




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